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Onesize jewels is the result of almost a year of experiments carried out by Masi Gioielli and a team whose designers, goldsmiths and engineers finally realised a system characterised by a complete and unique elasticity granted by an innovative and functional design protected by an international patent.!

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The collection is expecially studied to host an invisible special titanium alloy internal spring. And they fits all !!

Thanks to the patented mechanism and the internal spring, bracelets can stretch and expand through the hand to be easily worn wrapping your wrist at size without using a common lock. Rings are worn as usual passing through the nuckle and perfectly fit your finger

Onesize Jewels are easy to use, easy to wear. Perfect in the mornig, in the afternoon, for a formal look as well as for a casual one. Either you’ re a young woman with a very busy day a or a lady with less pressing committments that’s the collection you deserve. ‘Cause onesize fits all!

Looking for unique, confortable, innovative, stylish, jewels her’s s the Collection for you. Onesize technology is Unique’ not just another jewel’

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